20 October 2008

Witch-Hazel II - Halloween Edition

Special edition of Witch-Hazel II just for Halloween - super cute Jack-O-Lanterns dangle from the buckle on one leg and a Witchy hat hangs off the other!

Only available from my main store in Duskwood.

17 October 2008

Pumpkin Carving Pose!

Happy Samhain/Halloween everyone! I am a bit late in the month but I have released the pumpkin carving pose. You get the pose, festive Halloween carpet, bowl of pumpkin guts, pumpkin and pumpkin scoop both which were made by Azazeal Whitfield cause he is better in sculpty land than I am! The scoop is wearable to complete this cute pose set! Enjoy! 
**Severina and Azazeal are not included! I'm stingy! They are ALL MINE!** *giggles* But you can buy that adorable Elven Lamp at October Rust right across from Charming Poses! :)

16 October 2008

Witch-Hazel II - Pastels

I've added 5 new soft pastel shades to the Witch-Hazel II line of boots.

Each pair comes with 2 leg sizes included in the pack, petite and regular and they are modifiable so you can further adjust for a perfect fit.

The boots are available in singles or in the Complete Collection Pastels pack, which contains all the colours and a saving of more than 25%.

The pack includes:
  • Frost White
  • Soft Ecru
  • Pink Blush
  • Lilac
  • Sky Blue
The individual boots and collection pack are up on the "New Releases" wall in my main store in Duskwood along with a demo.

24 September 2008

Charming Poses

Charmed Daehlie has been amazingly productive and creative since launching Charming Poses just over a month ago. We've extended the shop twice and added a second floor to accommodate all the newness!

Packed full of poses for singles, couples and trios, there are adorable sits, romantic cuddles, dramatic stands and sexy poses. Couples and group poses are available as girl/girl and boy/girl sets and many sets have props to help set the scene.

All sets are on display at Charming Poses in Duskwood and can be bought in-world or from Onrez and SL Exchange

23 September 2008

Witch-Hazel II - Jewel Pack

Witch-Hazel II are now available in a multi pack that contains boots in 6 jewel toned colours, plus 3 pairs of black:

  • Red
  • Rust
  • Green
  • Cobalt
  • Purple
  • Bordeaux
  • Black with Silver buckles
  • Black with Black buckles
  • Black with Copper buckles
This represents L$2120 value for only L$1,500. Available from my main store in Duskwood.

21 September 2008

Dusk - Lush Green Land to Rent

If you are looking for green and pleasant land to rent, several plots have become available in Dusk (4096 and 2048). No lump sum purchase necessary, just the monthly rental fee!

Dusk is a gothic, fae, fantasy and dark age sim. Dark and light living in harmony. Plots surround an enchanting fae grove, which is a garden for all residents to share. It includes, dances, cuddles, fishing, poses and is a delightful place to explore or just a peaceful place to catch your breath.

Rental land is very similar to purchased land, you are free to rez your homes, terraform and build gardens as you would on purchased land. The main difference is there is no need for a lump sum land purchase and there is no resale of the land.

Witch-Hazel II

High heel, pointed toe, smooth textured boots in lots of colours!

As with my last release, there are two leg sizes included - petite and regular, and they are modifiable so you can further adjust for a perfect fit.

For the Black boots there is a choice of a single pair of Black boots with Silver buckles:

Or a pack with three pairs of Black boots with Silver, Black and Copper buckles

Demo and the full range of boots available at my Duskwood store.

Seelie costume by ~ silent sparrow ~
Seelie hair by Calico Ingmann Creations

05 September 2008

Valerian & Sanguine ~ Complete Collections

Valerian Complete Collection

Great value pack - L$885 for 4 pairs of boots (Normally L$295 each).

Sanguine Complete Collection

All of the very popular Sanguine hats in one pack! L$600 for 6 hats (usually L$150 each) that's two hats for free!

Available in world at my Duskwood store or from Onrez and SLX for lunchtime shopping ;)

24 August 2008

Charming Poses

Charmed has a whole bunch of new poses that she's just released! There is the three person cuddle Tangle of Lovelies shown above, more couples poses and several singles, including this delightful pose Given to Dreams which comes with the adorable mushroom in the pic.

Available at Charming Poses now.

19 August 2008

Valerian in colours!

I've added some colours to the Valerian range of boots for girls!

Violet, Scarlet Red and Midnight Blue.

They all come with both a "Regular" and "Petite" leg fitting which are also modifiable for additional fine tuning.

And of course last week's Valerian in Black are still up on the New Releases wall with the demo.

So come visit our new island, have a fly around and a good nosey in a bunch of Zazzy's October Rust buildings and try out some super sensual poses by Charmed.

17 August 2008

When I meet the fear that lies inside...

When I meet the fear that lies inside
When I hear you say
In the heat of the moment
Say say say
Some day some day some day
Dominion! - Sisters of Mercy

Dominion: Another outstanding suit from Silent Sparrow.

Like all the greatest artists I think hyasynth may have gone insane! This outfit stretches the boundaries of stunning once again. Not only is it uniquely crafted, hand drawn brilliance, it also comes in a mind boggling array of combinations. No less than 4 jacket and 2 shirt combinations and available in 8 colours!

Zazzy and I are pictured here in Blood and Wine. Photo's are taken in October Rust's new build, Lucretia and boots and from yours truly, First Flower - Valerian

12 August 2008

Valerian for the girlies

A brand new pair of boots for the girls from ~First Flower~

These boots are inspired by the last men's boots I released but they are completely re-made for the girlies. The leg is very shapely with sculpted laces, hooks, straps and buckles plus ever so smooth leather textures.

They come with both a "Regular" and "Petite" leg fitting. Both sizes are also modifiable so a little extra stretching is still possible.

So come have a look around the new Duskwood sim and try out a demo of the new boots!

10 August 2008

New sim, new store, new venture

Lots of changes taking place within the Dusk estate! We've added a new sim "Duskwood" which houses the new ~First Flower~ and October Rust stores. I am also so very happy to introduce Charmed Daehlie's new store Charming Poses.

Charming Poses specializes in sensual, sexy girl/girl couple poses with boy/girl and single poses also available.

More news from First Flower and October Rust very soon!

05 August 2008

Cygne and Valerian

Silent Sparrow have created this wonderful swan outfit that was part of the Black Swan expo. The expo is over but this awe inspiring outfit is still available in the Silent Sparrow stores.

This particular garment suits me perfectly. Although I like to think of it more as a Corvus than a Swan.

Photographed here in Dusk wearing Material Squirrel Wings, Hair by Calico Creations, Cygne by Silent Sparrow and Valerian boots by First Flower.

30 July 2008

Valerian - New Mens Boots

Valerian - yummy laced up gothie sculpted boots for men. With smooth shaded black leather texture and a low heel. Bold criss-crossed laces up the front plus buckled straps around the leg and foot.

These boots are significantly slimmer fit around the leg than my previous men's Wolfsbane boots, so they should fit even the slimmest of goth boys! *grins*

Valerian are available as Black boots with laces in a choice of three colours:
  • Black
  • Red
  • Purple

L$300 per pair - mod, copy, no transfer

Demo available at my Dusk main store, boots also available from Onrez and SL Exchange.

28 July 2008

Footwear Expo & Dusk Rental

2008 SL Footwear Expo

The inaugural Footwear Expo is over. Phoenix Chapman and the rest of the crew did such a great job of organising, building and being available and approachable. As a first-time exhibitor I couldn't have hoped for better. From the official blog I see they raised over L$850,000 for the ASPCA which is fabulous!

As a fairly unknown designer who works in a niche market, the exposure was brilliant! I had increased sales both at the expo and at my main store and had a large number of new people vising my store to see my full range. If any newer designers are offered this sort of opportunity in the future, in any area of SL building/design, I would encourage them to jump at it!

Being maths girl, as is my want (shuupp!), I worked out that my shop's contribution to the fundraising total was just a few linden short of $L14,000 - based on 65 exhibitors that puts me slightly above average. So, big yay from a small designer and a huge thank you to everyone who shopped or just visited and took the time to look further. I am truly grateful and hugely surprised!

Dusk Rental

We currently have one plot available to rent in Dusk - it is 4096m (937 prims) for $L2000 per week.

Dusk is a themed gothic, fae, fantasy and dark age sim offering beautiful residential land for rent. Plots surround an enchanting fae grove which is a common area for all residents to share.

IM Severina Dollinger or Azazeal Whitfield for more info or visit the island and have a look around.

22 July 2008

Dusk! Rentals Available

Currently we have 2 vacant 4096 x 937prim plots available and one 2048 x 468prim plot.

These are all available with the new option of Duskscape or empty land.

Duskscape includes an October Rust home and landscaping in the rental package - however Duskscape plots do not have the ability to terraform the land. Duskscape buildings and landscape items remain the property of Dusk and you must join the DuskScape group to give you access.

The two larger plots are empty while the smaller is packaged with Duskscape.

Dusk is a green lush sim, not recommended for beach bums! ;)




13 July 2008

Footwear Expo & Lampwick!

Hi everyone

I'm very excited to announce that I am taking part in the inaugural 2008 SL Footwear Expo! Starting 9am SLT 12th July - 9pm SLT 27th July

The expo has stalls from around 60 footwear designers in SL so it is shoe heaven! While setting up my stall I have been having a look around the other designers and can tell you it's well worth the visit! It's being held on 4 joined sims so hopefully the lag will be manageable even at busy times. The Expo is raising funds for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and I am donating 50% of all sales to the ASPCA.

For the expo I have also released a new pair of boots - Lampwick. These boots are a lot of fun - clompy, shiny and with great wrap laces up the front. Available in four colours:

  • Ebony Black
  • Ruby Red
  • Amethyst Purple
  • Royal Blue

For now, these boots will only be available at the Expo.

Ooh and I've been one of the featured designers on the Expo's blog if you fancy having a nosey http://phoenixchapman.com/shoefair/?p=94

Hope to see you at the Expo!



05 July 2008

Nyx! New Silent Sparrow Release!

Zazzy, after many brattish tanties, is wearing his new suit from Silent Sparrow! It features a choice of satin and and brocade versions in the package and like most silent Sparrow releases it's exceptional value for the care, detail and hand crafted work that has gone into this. There's not much I can say really apart from... Wow! Silent Sparrow have done it again! Another completely unique suit :)

Azazeal is pictured here in Dusk with:

Gazebo - October Rust - Seasonal Gazebo
Outfit - Silent Sparrow - Nyx
Shoes - First Flower - Wolfsbane
Hair - Calico - Fossarius
Roses - Illusions - Stem Rose

01 July 2008

Dusk Promo Posters

Zazzy created a series of posters for the Dusk sim - oh how good he makes us look!

Faun AV: Titania's Court by Riann Maltese - available from Fairy's Grove Creations
Skin: Fluer
Lingerie: Chic Boutique - Silver Jeweled Lingerie
Waist: Illusions - Ninya Girdle
Hair: HCT Savvy
Jewellery: Whole bunch of sentimental stuff I always wear ;)