24 August 2008

Charming Poses

Charmed has a whole bunch of new poses that she's just released! There is the three person cuddle Tangle of Lovelies shown above, more couples poses and several singles, including this delightful pose Given to Dreams which comes with the adorable mushroom in the pic.

Available at Charming Poses now.

19 August 2008

Valerian in colours!

I've added some colours to the Valerian range of boots for girls!

Violet, Scarlet Red and Midnight Blue.

They all come with both a "Regular" and "Petite" leg fitting which are also modifiable for additional fine tuning.

And of course last week's Valerian in Black are still up on the New Releases wall with the demo.

So come visit our new island, have a fly around and a good nosey in a bunch of Zazzy's October Rust buildings and try out some super sensual poses by Charmed.

17 August 2008

When I meet the fear that lies inside...

When I meet the fear that lies inside
When I hear you say
In the heat of the moment
Say say say
Some day some day some day
Dominion! - Sisters of Mercy

Dominion: Another outstanding suit from Silent Sparrow.

Like all the greatest artists I think hyasynth may have gone insane! This outfit stretches the boundaries of stunning once again. Not only is it uniquely crafted, hand drawn brilliance, it also comes in a mind boggling array of combinations. No less than 4 jacket and 2 shirt combinations and available in 8 colours!

Zazzy and I are pictured here in Blood and Wine. Photo's are taken in October Rust's new build, Lucretia and boots and from yours truly, First Flower - Valerian

12 August 2008

Valerian for the girlies

A brand new pair of boots for the girls from ~First Flower~

These boots are inspired by the last men's boots I released but they are completely re-made for the girlies. The leg is very shapely with sculpted laces, hooks, straps and buckles plus ever so smooth leather textures.

They come with both a "Regular" and "Petite" leg fitting. Both sizes are also modifiable so a little extra stretching is still possible.

So come have a look around the new Duskwood sim and try out a demo of the new boots!

10 August 2008

New sim, new store, new venture

Lots of changes taking place within the Dusk estate! We've added a new sim "Duskwood" which houses the new ~First Flower~ and October Rust stores. I am also so very happy to introduce Charmed Daehlie's new store Charming Poses.

Charming Poses specializes in sensual, sexy girl/girl couple poses with boy/girl and single poses also available.

More news from First Flower and October Rust very soon!

05 August 2008

Cygne and Valerian

Silent Sparrow have created this wonderful swan outfit that was part of the Black Swan expo. The expo is over but this awe inspiring outfit is still available in the Silent Sparrow stores.

This particular garment suits me perfectly. Although I like to think of it more as a Corvus than a Swan.

Photographed here in Dusk wearing Material Squirrel Wings, Hair by Calico Creations, Cygne by Silent Sparrow and Valerian boots by First Flower.