27 January 2008

October Rust - The Dauphine

A gorgeous new house is on the market by Azazeal Whitfield of October Rust!

He went all out with the pretty on this one, it's really fussy, a bit girly and completely fabulous! :)

Go take a look at his two most recent blog posts for more details and pictures and you can have a look and a wander through the full size house by visiting the house rezzer at his store.

Tis lovely Zazzy! *snogs*

22 January 2008

First Rust ~ "Swirl"

Another new clothing release from First Rust.

The "Swirl" dress, named after the swirly pattern on the fabric and the swirly tutu style skirt. The outfit comes with top, glitch pants, arm ruffles, flexi skirt and matching swirl patterned stockings.

Available in Black, Red and Purple from my main store and listed on onrez.

L$200 mod/copy/no trans

11 January 2008

First Rust - "Plush" Velvet and Lace Skirt

"Plush" is a gorgeous flexi prim skirt in velvet and lace.

The skirt has two tiers of lace under the velvet and the glitch pants have lovely lace detail across the top.

Available in Black, Purple and Red. $L100 copy/mod/no trans.

From October Rust or First Flower and available on Onrez.

First Rust - Damask Prim Flared Unisex Pants

Introducing the "First Rust" label, a collaboration between Azazeal and me (Severina)!.

Our first release is these delightful unisex trousers. They feature buttoned prim flares that hang over your shoes just right! Available in black, purple and red and can be worn with or without the prim flares. No more blotchy trouser bottoms! ;)

L$200 per pair, copy/prims mod/no trans.

Available at either of our stores October Rust and First Flower and available on Onrez.

06 January 2008


My first release for 2008 and a new venture in Men's Boots!

A made a men's version of my most popular boots. Completely remade to fit the male shape and based on a size 25 foot.

Laced up the front from the foot right to the top of the boot leg, with criss-crossed straps and rivet studs over shiny leather boots.

Available in 4 combinations:

  • Black Boot/Black Laces
  • Black Boot/Blue Laces
  • Black Boot/Red Laces
  • Black Boot/Grey Laces
They are available in world at my store and listed on Onrez.

L$200 per pair - copy/mod/no-transfer.